The history of Lunia

The history of the monumental building Lunia starts in 1861. Back then it was built as a one storey villa. Mr. S.G. Manger Cats, judge in the canton Oldeberkoop lived here with his wife Riemke Lunia, the building got named after her.

In 1895 Lunia was bought by sir Petrus Lambertus Prins and they lived here until the late thirties. In 1965 dairy owner, sir C. van Rosmalen, purchased Lunia and rented it to his employees. As of 1969 Lunia functioned as a family replacing home for girls. In 1985 Lunia got refurbished into a Bridge-Hotel.

As of December 2004 we, Kim Linse and Marcel Schwirz, are the owners of Hotel Restaurant Lunia. We decided to adapt the property step by step to our liking.

We hope that Lunia will make you feel like being home and that you enjoy our hospitality and kitchen!